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      About SDA

      Company Profile

      Headquartered in Hi-Tech zone of Dalian city, Dalian SDA Industries Co., Ltd. (SDA) was incorporated in Dec. 2001, with a registered capital of CNY 60 million, who has developed into a large-scale professional enterprise in the supply of bulk material handling equipment nowadays and been a high-tech enterprise with contract abiding and credit worthy recognized by the state and Class-III qualification for mechanical and electrical installation. So far SDA has established manufacturing bases in Dalian, Shanghai and other cities, covering a total area of nearly 200,000 square meters with an annual production capacity of more than 40,000 metal tons. As of today, SDA has a total assets of CNY300 million and sales revenue exceeding CNY500 million.
      SDA’s customers mainly come from cement, power, coal chemical, metallurgy, mining, port and other industries. Focusing on design, manufacturing and sales of bulk material handling equipment as well as relevant technical services, SDA’s product portfolio includes circular stacker-reclaimers, side-type stacker-reclaimers, portal-type stacker-reclaimers, bridge-type stacker-reclaimers, bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers, dumpers, ship loaders, etc. We also provide technical services such as EPC contract of bulk material handling system, environmental protection/energy conservation and efficiency improvement.
      SDA emphasizes the innovation and research & development of products, With a company-level Technology Center set up in 2005, today scientific research personnel make up 35% of SDA workforce, and those with medium or senior titles account for 75%. SDA has established long-term research development partnership with many research institutes such as Dalian University of Technology, Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute, Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute, Beijing Iron & Steel Design Institute, Dalian Port Design & Research Institute, etc. At present SDA possesses 97 licensed patents, and has successively obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001:2011/OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification and GB/T9490 intellectual property management system certification, in addition to CE certification for its products. Our product performance is among the top levels of similar products, and our technology research development, design, manufacturing and installation quality are in the leading position in China.
      In 2006, SDA set up its overseas business department with self-operated import and export permit. By working closely with leading M&E importers/exporters and EPC contractors, SDA integrates itself into the Belt and Road Initiative aiming at expanding marketing channels, deepens its operation and provides reliable products as well as thoughtful services. Based on a profound business structure in domestic market, SDA has set up offices and cooperative agencies in many countries and regions in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia to provide clients with holistic marketing and after-sale services. The ultimate goal is to build an international network of research & development, manufacturing, marketing and service facilities.
      As a well-known supplier of bulk material handling equipment, SDA has his brand influence worldwide enhanced with steady steps. Our products are widely distributed in all provinces in China and exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as the United States, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. They are widely recognized by domestic and international customers. All in total more than 2,600 sets of various bulk material handling equipment have been supplied, and dozens of bulk material system projects have been completed by SDA. In particular, our market share in stacking and reclaiming equipment supplied to domestic cement industry has exceeded 35%, making SDA the largest supplier of pre-homogenization and conveying equipment in the cement industry in China.
      SDA will always adhere to the development policy of “focusing on innovation, building a first-class enterprise and creating a world-class brand”. Meanwhile, by carrying forward the business philosophy of “integrity, customer-orientation, quality and innovation”, we will expand SDA brand’s footprint worldwide, revitalize Chinese national industry, assume our social responsibilities and create more value for our customers. SDA has an ambition to be a trustworthy supplier of bulk material handling equipment solutions.


      Corporate culture

      • Management Principle:Focus on economic benefit, promote the level of the national manufacturing industry, provide customers with satisfactory products and service
      • Quality Policy:Constant improvement and innovation, provide customers with satisfactory products and service
      • Environmental Policy:People Orientation, Prevention First, Prevent Hidden Danger, Health, Safety。
      • Occupational Health and Safety Policy:Create the harmony between human beings and nature。
      • Mission:Create value for the society and customers, provide staff with development space。
      • Spirit:Credit, Innovation, High-quality, High-efficiency。
      • Style:Down-to-earth, Excellent。
      • Ethics:Fairness, Credit, Gratitude, Harmony。
      • Employment:Competition tells more than selection
      • Core Values:Do well in work and life, Unity, Cooperation, Quality Changes Life.
      Copyright © Dalian SDA Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.
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